The Wizard of Elderwood
Cast & Crew

Dan Minkle
Chrstine Wood
Stage Manager
Matthew Breton
Lighting Designer
Veronica Fullard
Costume Designer

Maruo Canepa
Kylance, a Prince who is heir to the throne
Frank Gages
Arculus, a wise and powerful wizard
Kevin Harrington
Valryn, a Knight
Alyssa Hale Lydira, a Princess who is sister to Kylance
Lara Jay
Alanta, an Elvish Warrior
Travis Joyce Vandum, Tavern Owner & Barck, Orc Captain
Wendy Lippe
Storyteller, the Narrator
Dan Minkle
Kreed, a Necromancer
Conor Olmstead
Conner, Arculus' Apprentice and Ward
Josh Rudy
Baelin, Lord Protector of Morandia
Rydia Q Vielehr
Cricket, a Guide
Alan White
Pole Fife, a Dwarf