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  StreetPass Game Show Survey says...

Welcome to the StreetPass Game Show
PAX East 2017 Version
                                      Game Show
Which Nintendo hero would portray you in a Netflix mini-series about your life?
Switch & Chill
Which Nintendo villain would portray you in a Blockbuster Thriller about your life?
Side B and Thrill
If you're running out of steam while gaming, which beverage do you reach for?
Blue Gamer needs food badly.
Name a Blue Pokémon.
Blue Pokémon
Best "B" for (for Boston) Pokémon
Boston Pokémon
Why does Bowser REALLY keep kidnapping Peach?
What about Pauline?
What item from Mario Kart do you want in real life?
Rainbow Road

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Thank you for coming!

game show art design by wheel genius and slightly modified by Miz Sylver bwahaha
powerpoint base design by Youth Downloads
if you have the money, please donate to Youth Downloads - their site is amazing!

Prize Support Provided by The Compleat Strategist
957 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA

Thank you to surprise guest, Julius, from Image & Form Games!

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